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Discover Your Perfect House Then Create Your Ideal Home

Welcome to CastleofMine.com. We’ve got everything you need to find your perfect house then create your ideal home – with ‘room by room’ articles about every aspect of home improvement, interior design, and home security.

The inspiration behind the name of this site comes from the famous saying ‘your home is your castle’ – and we think it fits well.

Founded in 2021, our dedicated editorial team crafts and publishes informative and entertaining content on everything and anything related to designing and maintaining home interiors – plus keeping all your hard work safe with the latest home security systems.

So what are you waiting for? We invite you to read and enjoy some of our articles today – to discover everything you need to know about making your house a dream home.

About Our Founder Larry James

Hey there, I’m homeowner and property investor Larry James. I’m the head writer and editor on this website, and I manage a small team of highly talented writers and editors who consistently publish quality articles on homemaking and home improvement.

I’m also joined on the management team of this site by my wife Anna, a Master of Fine Art and talented interior designer.

LJ & Family

We’re very thankful to live in a beautiful family home with our three children. We’re just extending our house at the moment and going through a major interior redesign project – so we’re literally living through many of the topics covered on this site.

LJ home reno 1
House & Gate
Our home before being extended
Home reno LJ
Our house during our extensive home renovation

We also have a large garden where we enjoy outdoor entertaining with friends and family, so we definitely feel blessed.

Garden hammock

In addition, we’re fortunate to own a small portfolio of rental properties, so combined with owning our own house we have years of experience in creating and managing interior spaces. Here’s the first rental apartment I purchased:


So that’s the inspiration behind Castle of Mine. It’s a total labor of love from two home improvement and interior design geeks – and all of us here hope you enjoy your time on the site.

Thank you for visiting, we appreciate you 🙂

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