Are Allen + Roth Vanities Good? (Brand Overview)

We’ve purchased a couple of Allen + Roth pieces over the years, and currently have a vanity in our guest bathroom. But are they any good?

Allen + Roth is a Lowe’s exclusive brand, and their vanities have been made in Winnipeg Manitoba for the last 50 years by American Woodmark and Bestview International. From 5,400 reviews of the 60 Allen + Roth bathroom vanity models on Lowe’s website, reviewers gave them 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Let’s explore Allen + Roth vanities in more detail, and discover more about the brand history and the quality of their products…

Are Allen + Roth Vanities Good?

Where Are Allen + Roth Vanities Made? (Are They Made in The USA?)

We spoke to a friendly customer service representative at Lowes, who owns the Allen + Roth brand. They said that small parts on the vanities – like knobs or rails – may come from Asia, but the cabinetry is all made in the USA.

Who Makes Allen + Roth Vanities? (Will They Stand Behind Their Products?)

Allen + Roth is a house brand of Lowes, the big-box home improvement store chain. Lowes is the second-largest home improvement chain in North America. 

Lowes has been headquartered in North Carolina since Lucius Smith Lowe opened his first store there in 1921 – which makes Lowes over 100 years old. Today, Lowes employs over 300,000 people in over 2,000 stores around the country. 

The Allen + Roth website states that most vanities have been made in Winnipeg Manitoba, for the last 50 years. In addition, we found vanities that were made by American Woodmark and Bestview International. 

American Woodmark is one of the top 3 cabinet manufacturers in North America. They have over 10,000 employees working in 18 manufacturing and distribution centers in Georgia, Indiana, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Arizona and Tennessee. 

American Woodmark makes over 10 million cabinets every year – 41,000 cabinets per day.  That means they complete one every two seconds. Their portfolio of products are sold at Lowes, Home Depot, and many independent retailers.

Bestview International is a 25-year-old company headquartered in Glenview, Illinois. This award-winning manufacturer is one of the Fortune 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the US. In addition to vanities and cabinets, they manufacture ceramic and stone floor and wall tiles.

What Products Are in The Allen + Roth Vanities Collection?

Lowes offers over 1,500 Allen + Roth products for the bathroom, some in-store and others only online. Of those 1,500 bathroom products, over 900 are vanities and vanity tops. 

On the Lowes website, we found 60 different vanity models. Most models come in a range of standard sizes, colors, features and have a range of top and backsplash materials.

There are seven vanity style choices: transitional, modern/contemporary, traditional, mission/shaker, casual, rustic, and farmhouse. The vanities come in 8 color choices. White is the most popular color, then gray, brown, blue, green, off-white, multicolored, and black.

Bathroom vanities can come with tops or without. Allen + Roth base cabinets come in a range of standard sizes. You can choose just the cabinet and then find a top from another manufacturer or have one custom-made. 

If you choose a vanity with a top, most models have several top choices. Tops come in engineered marble, natural marble, quartz, sintered stone or engineered stone. Most vanities have a matching backsplash.

Allen + Roth vanities come as either freestanding or wall-mounted models. The freestanding models have several height choices.

Vanity bases are made from four different materials: MDF (medium-density fiberboard), wood, engineered wood and metal.

Allen + Roth vanities come with either one sink or two. Sinks can be undermounted, semi-recessed, integral or farmhouse style. Choices include rectangular, oval or square-shaped sinks. Integral sinks are made of the same material as the countertop. Undermounted, semi-recessed and farmhouse-style sinks are usually ceramic.

Other vanity options include a pre-installed faucet, a matching mirror, an overflow drain, adjustable shelves, dovetail drawer construction, an integrated electrical outlet, soft close drawers and doors, a solid wood frame, a toe kick and reversible doors.

What Size & Weight Are Allen + Roth Vanities?

Allen + Roth has over 60 models of vanities to suit every bathroom. Most models come in a variety of standard widths that start at 18 inches and range up to 72 inches wide. Wider vanities are designed for two people and have two sinks.

There are four 18-inch wide Allen + Roth vanity models. The Wells model is 18 inches wide, 16.375 inches deep, and 35 inches tall. It has a traditional style and comes in dark gray. It has a single tip-out drawer, an adjustable shelf, and a soft-close door.

The Wells model has a walnut base and brushed nickel hardware. It has a single, rectangular, undermount, vitreous sink. 

The Wells 18-inch wide vanity weighs 90 pounds.

The widest Allen + Roth vanities are 72 inches wide and there are five models to choose from. The Felix model is 72 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and 34 1/2 inches tall. This model has a solid wood finish, brushed nickel hardware, and comes in two colors. It comes with an engineered stone top, a removable backsplash and two undermount sinks. 

The Felix model also includes four soft-closing drawers, four soft-closing doors, and two tilt-down drawers. It has two pull-out trays with an integrated power bar that has two sockets and two USB ports.

The Felix 72-inch wide vanity weighs 338 pounds.

Do Allen + Roth Vanities Come With a Warranty?

Yes. Most models come with a one-year warranty for manufacturer’s defects. They also guarantee satisfaction against visual defects. 

Do Allen + Roth Vanities Also Make Accessories?

Allen + Roth bathroom products besides vanities and vanity tops include faucets, bathroom towel hardware, medicine cabinets, pedestal sinks, shower bases, shower doors, linen cabinets, over-the-toilet storage shelving, shower rods, and shower curtains. 

Allen + Roth Vanities

What Do The Reviews Say About Allen + Roth Vanities?

All reviews were taken from the Lowes website. All the reviewers we used were real people that were verified purchasers. We did not use professional reviewers. Some vanity models only had a handful of reviews, but many had hundreds. 

We found almost 5,400 reviews of the 60 Allen + Roth bathroom vanity models. 

From those 5,400 reviews, Allen + Roth bathroom vanities were given 3.8 stars out of 5 stars.

Positive reviewers loved the looks and thought their vanity was heavy and well made. They loved the marble tops and thought the vanities had plenty of storage. Reviewers say that the quality was better than expected for the price they paid.

Negative reviewers almost always had their vanity arrive with damage. Vanities can weigh several hundred pounds and returns are difficult. Many reviewers complained about the problem of returning their damaged vanity.

For this reason, one reviewer suggested sending the vanity to a nearby store instead of your home, then take off the packaging and inspect it thoroughly while you are still in the store.

Another common negative review complaint was with the vanity details. They showed photos of cracks, misaligned legs, screw holes too large, doors that didn’t fully close, and poorly glued tops. There were defects in the painting and uneven countertops.

How Much Do Allen + Roth Vanities Cost?

There is a huge range of prices for Allen + Roth vanities. Of the 60 models, most come in at least 4 widths and have up to four choices of top material.

The lowest-cost vanity we found on the Lowes website was the 18-inch wide Whitney model. It has a granite top, two doors with Euro-style hinges, and a single ceramic sink. 

The Whitney model is priced at $198. 

The most expensive vanity we found was a 72-inch Vale model. It has two undermount sinks with a quartz top. It has brushed nickel hardware, four soft-closing doors, two soft-closing drawers, two tilt-down drawers and one deep drawer. 

The Vale model is priced at $2,499.

Are Allen + Roth Vanities Easy To Maintain?

Allen + Roth vanities cabinets are either wood or wood products and should be cared for like other wood products. Clean the cabinets with household furniture polish or a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner. 

Water is not good for any wood furniture. Any water splashing against the wood should be wiped off. If your bathroom is very humid, consider installing a better ceiling fan or adding a dehumidifier.

Vanity tops are tough, but try to avoid abrasive or acidic cleaners that can add scratches. Clean the vanity top with a mild soap or a stone care product. Most vanity tops come with a sealant from the manufacturer, but if you notice water drops seeping in, consider resealing it. 

Avoid setting fragranced materials, like soap, directly on the stone top. Instead, put the soap in a soap dish or coaster to protect the stone top.

Summary: Where Can I Buy Allen + Roth Vanities?

Allen + Roth vanities are available at Lowes, either in the physical store nearest you or online. 

If you want to find a vanity in a store near you, go to the website on the link below. First choose the store nearest at the very top left-hand corner of the window. Then, check the box for free store pickup in the Pickup & Delivery section on the left. Here’s a link to Allen + Roth vanities at Lowes.

Happy shopping! 🙂