What Crystals Should Not Be In Your Bedroom? (Advice)

My wife swears by having energizing crystals around the house, but are they good to have in the bedroom?

The philosophy of Feng shui says that all pointed crystals are poor choices in the bedroom, particularly if the sharp end is pointed towards your head. Pointy crystals can pierce your spirit. Along the same lines, you shouldn’t stack crystals in a pointy pyramid next to your bed.

Let’s explore the subject of crystals in the bedroom in more detail, and discover which ones are best for helping you get a good night’s sleep – and which ones are not…

What Crystals Should Not Be In Your Bedroom?

Which Crystals Are Bad to Have in Your Bedroom?

Your bedroom is a space for relaxation and sleep, so the crystals you keep in your bedroom should be calming and soothing – not energizing.

Crystals are very popular in homes because they are just naturally beautiful. But for some, crystals are more than just gorgeous. Crystals can heal, bring financial success and relieve stress. They can help you find peace through meditation, promote well-being and help you get a good night’s sleep.

In our research on crystal spirituality, we found an interesting blend of ancient feng shui principles together with the more abstract (but deeply held) belief in the healing power of crystals.

Feng shui is a philosophy with roots in Taoism, Buddhism, Shinto, and Vashtu Shastri. The basis of feng shui is the concept of Ch’i, which is the animating life force all around us – inside us, our homes, and in all of nature.

Scholars say that feng shui began thousands of years ago in China, in graveyards. It began as a practical and spiritual study of the best resting place for loved ones. 

The ancient Chinese looked for burial spots that were in harmony with the Earth – no flooding, no high winds. They wanted to find burial sites that had a positive, calming energy. Places where future generations would visit.

Eventually, the burial site principles began being used for households and businesses. Feng shui is a blend of compass direction, color, and room layout that is both practical and spiritual. Feng shui principles say that a place with harmony and good energy between nature and people has good Ch’i. 

In feng shui, there are five elements: wood, fire, metal, water, and earth. Each element has certain qualities, shapes, colors, and energies. A wood element is vital and positive. It is rectangular in shape, green or blue, and is helpful with family and wealth. 

A fire element is passionate and brilliant. A fire element is red and pointy and it helps with fame. A metal element is white or metallic, is circular or spherical, and is helpful with children. 

A water element shifts and flows. It is wavy, black, and helps with your career. Finally, an earth element is flat or square. It is grounded or stable. The colors can be brown, earthy red, yellow or orange and it is the health, self-care, and knowledge element.

According to the principles of feng shui, different elements around your house will have different effects. In the bedroom, earthy crystals are best. Avoid energetic, highly spiritual, high vibration, or dream-enhancing crystals in your bedroom.

In the bedroom, feng shui says that all pointed crystals are poor choices – particularly if the sharp end is pointed towards your head. Pointy crystals can pierce your spirit. Along the same lines, you shouldn’t stack crystals in a pointy pyramid next to your bed.

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What Crystals Should You Sleep With?

Experts recommend rose quartz (aka the loving stone), amethyst, and black tourmaline.

Feng shui advises that crystals kept by your bedside be rounded. No pointy edges. Smooth, rounded crystals are soothing and relaxing. Find a tumbled, rounded sphere – even heart-shaped – stone.

Rose quartz, or the loving stone, is the number one choice for sleeping. Rose quartz is well known for having loving, calming, and peaceful qualities. It is the most tranquil crystal. Experts particularly recommend it if you are looking to improve the depth of a romantic relationship.

Rose quartz can enhance communication, kindness, and compassion. Rose quartz is a gentle, comforting, and calming stone. It invokes feelings of tenderness and love – for others or for yourself.

Amethyst is a powerfully protective stone that helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Amethyst helps clear your mind of stress and questions. Proponents of sleeping with amethyst say that it will help with insomnia and nightmares.

Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy and anxiety. It helps clear energy blockage. Black tourmaline can stop obsessive thoughts. It is very grounding and protective. If you sleep beside your iPad or phone, black tourmaline will help absorb electromagnetic energy – or the sometimes negative force of social media.

Where Should Crystals Be Placed in a Bedroom?

Universally, experts recommend that crystals should be kept near your head. Find a spot under your pillow, next to or on the headboard, or on a bedside table. Wearing crystals around your wrist is also a good idea.

Can Amethyst Be Placed in My Bedroom?

Opinions are mixed about amethyst in your bedroom. Many experts love the healing power of amethyst and believe that it should be in your bedroom. Others say that amethyst is too energetic for sleeping.

Feng shui experts advise against amethyst in bedrooms because, many times, amethyst crystals are terminated – they end in pointy crystals. Feng shui also says that amethyst is a high vibration stone. While it is perfect for meditation, it’s too vibrant and spiritual for sleeping.

Others say that amethyst is the perfect all-purpose stone. It is good for insomniacs because it clears the mind of negative thoughts and provides clarity. It can help you stop tossing and turning with questions during the night.

So is amethyst good or bad? 

Some people say the power of crystals is like the power of a placebo. We say – it doesn’t matter whether crystals are just placebos or not. Power is power. If you feel a positive connection to a particular piece of amethyst, try it on your nightstand.

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Where Should Rose Quartz Be Placed in a Bedroom?

Rose quartz is universally recommended in the bedroom. Place pieces of rose quartz on your bedside table, under your pillow, on a nearby windowsill, or on your dresser.

Where Do You Put Citrine in Bedroom?

Citrine is the stone of summer, so-called because of its earthy yellow color. Citrine is full of positive, glowing energy, like the sun. Some people love having citrine in their bedroom. For others, it is too energetic.

In feng shui, citrine is an earth and fire element. It is balanced and calm. It uplifts energy and encourages wellness. Also known as the success stone, citrine is recommended for your place of business and your bedroom.

What crystals can you have in a bedroom?

Can You Put Citrine Under Your Pillow?

Some experts say putting citrine under your pillow – especially if you are a business owner – will attract financial success while you sleep. Citrine, aka the merchant’s stone, promotes abundance.

Others say that having citrine under your pillow may be too much energy. Instead, move it to your dresser several feet away or a nearby windowsill. Or, if you follow feng shui, put citrine in the wealth – or southeast – corner of your bedroom.

Can I Sleep With Citrine?

Citrine is a positive and protective stone. It’s a great choice for meditating and increasing happiness. While some say to put it under your pillow, others say just have some in your bedroom.

This is a good article with lots of practical recommendations on sleeping with stones.

Is It Okay to Sleep With Red Jasper?

Red Jasper promotes grounding and energy balance. In meditation and sleep, it can protect you and focus your mind. Look for red jasper hearts, tumbled stones, or statues for your bedroom.


So it looks like smooth and heart-shaped crystals are a good choice in the bedroom, particularly the loving-stone rose quartz, amethyst, and black tourmaline.

However, our research shows it’s probably best to steer clear of pointy or sharp crystals, and especially citrine – which may be too energetic for a good night’s sleep.

Ultimately, it was my wife who was first interested in all this crystal stuff – but now I’ve got into it I find it all fascinating! 🙂