Are Gaming Rooms Worth The Money? (Questions Answered)

We’re going to build a gaming room when we extend our house, but are they really worth the money?

If your family likes playing games then a gaming room is definitely worth the money, and can be used for video games, music, movies, board games or even pool and darts. Although not really meant for gambling, adults and children could also play cards and poker for fun in a gaming room.

Let’s dive down into the subject of gaming rooms in more detail, and discover what they actually are, what goes in them and how much they cost…

Are Gaming Rooms Worth The Money? (Your Questions Answered)

What is a Gaming Room? (It’s Family Friendly Not For Gambling!)

This really needs a definition. Nope, we are not talking about gambling. What we are talking about is a room specifically laid out for entertainment, be it video games, music, movies, board games or even pool and darts. 

Think of a game room as an old-fashioned “rec” room. But, as with all things, recreation has evolved. Although some families still enjoy pinball machines, the most popular form of entertainment today is a form of video entertainment, either TV or video games.

Got a spare room or how about just some spare space? A game room doesn’t have to be a room necessarily. It can be part of a room. Make a corner of your family room into a dedicated game room.

If you’ve got a spare room, great! Game rooms can get loud and doors that close help. Decorate your game room for – gaming. Neon walls, LED signs, game posters and favorite action figures. Make it fun.

Although a game room can be set up for just one person, if you have space, make it to accommodate several. Add a sofa or another gaming chair.

So, what goes in a game room? That all depends on your favorite forms of recreation. Home theaters, pool tables, pinball machines, board games, and Foosball are all on the list. But let’s face it, these days, video games are at the top.

Video games can be played on gaming consoles, handhelds, desktop PC’s and laptops. 

The most popular game consoles are Nintendo Wii, Microsoft XBox and Sony PlayStation. Most consoles will play on your TV and with many games, the whole family can play together. Gamers can recline on a sofa in front of the TV with their consoles and enjoy a game together. Snacks and beers are appropriate.

Desktop PC’s and laptops are preferred by hard core gamers because they are fast, and the graphics are superb. For these desktop and laptop gamers, you need a long desk, a comfortable chair, the computer components, and some speakers. Plus, mood-setting LED lights.

Today, video games generate more revenue than TV, movies, or music. And – it’s still growing, while the others are in decline. 

According to Newsweek, Minecraft is the number one video game of all time, closely followed by Call of Duty Warzone. Then, there’s Grand Theft Auto, Tetris, Wii Sports, and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. 

Here’s the Newsweek article.

How Much Should a Gaming Room Cost?

One expert says the average cost of a gaming room is around $3,000. But for serious gamers, the cost can go up to tens of thousands.

If you are thinking about a family experience with a TV and a gaming console, then, you’ll need a TV stand with plenty of shelves for gaming consoles, controllers, and other electronic stuff. TV stands start at $300.

How much will all that electronic stuff cost? For video gamers, you have several choices on how to play your favorite games: PC, laptop, or gaming console.

If you are into PC gaming, then you’ll need a fast PC or laptop. Expect to pay from $800 to $2,000. Hard core gamers are always upgrading their equipment with newer and faster.

A fully tricked out PC with a fast video card, extra RAM, extra storage, special keyboard, gaming mouse, two or three monitors will cost more than $5,000.

Popular gaming consoles will play on your TV. Many consoles are hard to find these days, but if you can find one, expect to pay around $500. Many console stores have resorted to a lottery system.

To play on a console, you’ll need a TV or monitor. Monitors start at $150 and range up to $1,500. Most serious gamers don’t have just one, though. They have two or three.

TV’s run the price gamut, from $700 up to $9,000. If it’s just you, then you can buy a small TV. If your family and friends are playing too, then you’ll need a larger one.

A desktop PC or laptop needs a desk. New desks start at $100 and range up to $3,000. Of course, you can always pick one up in a garage sale and fix it up. Serious gamers use a long countertop resting on blocks or drawer units.

For those needing a desk, you’ll also need comfortable gaming chairs. Gaming chairs start at $80 and go up to several thousand dollars.

If you are thinking about turning a spare room into a gaming room, then expect to spend some money on paint (make it a bright hue). Painting a room will cost around $50.

How about something for the walls, like posters? Have fun and lean in to the gaming theme with LED posters of games. These start as low as $40. Buying strings of RGB lighting is fun and cheap too. Don’t forget a collection of action figures.

If your game room needs a pool table, expect to pay from $500 to several thousand. You’ll need a large room for a pool table. Not only are the tables big, but you’ll need to add another 5 to 6 feet to make shots from all angles.

How Large is a Games Room?

That depends on what types of games your family enjoys. A room to accommodate a pool table should be around 12 feet by 12 feet. 

A room to accommodate a small desk and a single chair for gaming itself can be much smaller, around 10 feet by 12 feet.

Gaming room costs

How Do You Build a Gaming Room? (What Components Are in The Setup?)

There are lots of video game room ideas. Here’s an article from PC Guide for their top 20 ideas. It has ideas for lighting and cabling.

  • Video Games Consoles, like XBox, Nintendo Wii or PlayStation.
  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Handheld games like Nintendo Switch, Apple iPad Air
  • Monitor – one, two or three. Some serious gamers prefer curved ones.
  • TV – all sizes, up to 78″. Can be mounted on the wall with a stand.
  • Keyboard – most gamers prefer them wired and lit.
  • Mouse – optical
  • Sound bar or speakers plus subwoofer
  • Microphone
  • Headset
  • Headphones
  • Gaming controllers
  • Webcam
  • Desk – many gamers prefer long counter tops set on drawers or even cement blocks.
  • Gaming chair
  • LED lighting for the room

Is a Gaming Desktop Worth it?

For gamers, there’s no question: gaming desktops are worth it. The games will look better and run smoother. 

The graphics of many games are actually very beautiful. New games are designed to be viewed in high resolution at high speed. To appreciate the beauty and intricacy, you need a gaming desktop with gaming monitors.

To run new games, gaming desktops are designed with a lot of storage space. They need to access the data and display the data super quickly. For these reasons, gaming desktops are often more expensive than your middle-of-the-road desktop. The extra speed and storage are worth it for gamers, but what about a non-gamer?

Non-gamers have discovered that the extra boost that gaming desktops have are good for a lot of things. Work at home gigs like video editing, photo editing, mapping, or anything that has lots of data and needs super sharp resolution will benefit with a souped up gaming desktop.

Check out gaming mice and keyboards too. You might just love them. We do!

How Do I Light My Gaming Setup?

Pick a theme and lean in. Just check out the awesome video link here.

Final Words

That’s it I’m sold! We’re definitely building a gaming room in our new extension and I can’t wait to get started!

I know my wife and all three of the kids will just love having a space like this to enjoy, so it’s worth every cent to be able to spend some quality time together in my opinion.

In that context – your gaming room could end up being priceless! 🙂