Do Kitchen Appliances Have To Match? (We Find Out)

Nothing seems to match in our house – including dinner plates – but my wife and I have eclectic design tastes so that’s the way we like it. But is it best for kitchen appliances to actually match?

If you’re not about to sell your home then your kitchen appliances do not have to match, and you can choose whatever you like. However, if you’re about to put your home on the market then being more conservative with matching or complementary colors may be more advisable.

Let’s dive down into the subject of matching kitchen appliances in more detail, and discover what brands, colors and types of appliances can match together (or not)…

Do Kitchen Appliances Have To Match?

Is it OK To Have Mismatched Kitchen Appliances?

OK by us. We’re always fixing up our forever home. We only buy appliances that call out to us. They are adorable, we will love them forever and they add character to our favorite rooms.

For those of us who are enjoying forever homes, we say: let your inner designer out. Fill your home with stuff you love, particularly in the kitchen, which is the heart of your home. 

But if you are taking your house to market, it makes sense to go with the best odds you can get to sell it high and sell it fast. That means that the choices you may make aren’t for you any more – they are for the house hunting majority.

You may think that matchy-matchy went out with beehive hairdos. Not so. 

If you are fixing up your kitchen with the intent of going to market, the odds say that many people will still want matching kitchen appliances. Some folks may love (and value) your boho appliance flair, but your best bet is to stick with what sells. 

To a potential buyer, mismatched appliances in the average home may scream unfinished or tight budget. Here’s an article from Apartment Therapy on appliance mistakes that will make your home harder to sell.

If you are fixing up your kitchen to sell, the good news is, many brands offer bundles and you can save some bucks while buying those matching appliances.

Can You Mix and Match Different Brands of Kitchen Appliances?

Yes, it’s easy. Kitchen design experts say matching appliances isn’t a thing anymore. But the reality is that for most appliances, it’s hard to tell them apart anyway.

Unless you are buying high-end appliances, many manufacturers follow each other with design styles. Also, it’s a little difficult to see the brand insignia on many new appliances these days. Which means you can mix and match appliance brands and hardly anyone will notice.

The only exception to this is with appliance handles. Some brands have unique handles. Others have a sort of generic, arched handle that looks similar in several appliance brands.

Here’s a useful video to help you when it comes to matching different brands of kitchen appliances…

Can You Mix and Match Kitchen Appliance Colors?

Absolutely yes. In your forever home, designers say you have almost limitless freedom.

Major kitchen appliance manufacturers offer a nice range of popular colors. Other manufacturers, like Big Chill, offer almost limitless color choices. How to choose? 

In general, kitchen designers say that mixing opposite or very different colors works best for kitchen appliances. Like black and white. Avoid mixing appliance colors that are closely related, like white and off-white. 

If you have a neutral countertop and cabinetry, consider adding a “hero” appliance for a pop of color. Manufacturers offer a range of popping colors, like pink, purple, cobalt blue or emerald green.

An idea we love is to use some peel and stick wallpaper on your “hero” fridge or dishwasher. Let the wallpaper provide the pop that pulls the kitchen together. Don’t like the wallpaper? Want to change it with the seasons? No problem!

While you are choosing colors, don’t assume all stainless steel appliances are the same shade, because they aren’t. Many manufacturers have different shades of stainless steel, and it creates a lot of problems. 

Try to find your appliances at the same retailer so you can check if the stainless steels will match or even look good together. Remember, it’s easier to mix and match with very different colors, like stainless steel and cobalt blue.

If you decide to go for mixing and matching appliances, consider choosing rugs or countertop accessories that will pull your colors together, like in this article from a kitchen designer. We want – need, really – the Dolce & Gabbana mixer.

Is it OK To Mix Stainless Steel and Black Appliances?

Absolutely yes. In fact, stainless steel and black is one of the easiest combinations. This combination produces a modern, sophisticated look to your kitchen.

If you look at most stainless steel appliances, they will already have some black on them. Adding a black appliance is easy. Both colors are neutral and classic.

Do All Black Stainless Appliances Match?

Absolutely not. Surprisingly, “black” is not always “black”. 

If you are considering black appliances from different manufactures, double check that they match, preferably side by side. A midnight black appliance will not go well with a greyish black one.

Or, avoid the black color problem altogether by sticking to one manufacturer.

Black has a timeless, classic appeal. No more annoying fingerprints. And black goes with – everything.

Can I Mix and Match White and Stainless Steel Appliances?

White and stainless are tougher to match up than black and stainless, but you can do it.

Almost all kitchens have some white in them. Subway tile back splashes. Country sinks. Ceilings. Adding a white appliance is easy. Stainless steel is the same way. There’s always something stainless in your kitchen. 

Stainless steel and white can be partners in the kitchen. Pull all the colors together with kitchen rugs and accessories.

What Color of Kitchen Appliances is Most Popular?

You can call it boring or you can call it timeless, but stainless steel is still the most popular color. Stainless steel is a staple in the kitchen, from commercial kitchens to farmhouse to modern. 

Today, appliance manufacturers also offer fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, which is a slightly different shade. More stainless steel shades on the market are black, slate and Tuscan. 

Second in popularity after stainless steel are colored appliances. Appliance colors that are trending are white and black. Then – wait for it – dusty pink (aka millennial pink). 

After those colors blue-gray, chocolate brown and champagne (soft bronze) are popular. 

Matching Kitchen Appliances

Does Your Faucet Have To Match Your Sink?

Nope. There are many options to choose from. 

Mixing and matching metals in your kitchen creates kitchens with style, individuality and interest. Designers say don’t go overboard – choose one dominant metal. Then add one or two more as accent metals. Also, don’t choose more than two finishes, like brushed or polished.

Consider pulling your faucet and sink metal choices together with the same two metal choices for drawer pulls, kitchen chair metal or light fixture metal.

Metals are traditionally grouped as warm or cool. The warm group is brass, iron, copper, gold and nickel. The cool group is stainless steel and chrome. Gone are the days when designers said to choose just warm or just cool. Contrast is IN.

Some metals that go together naturally are brass and dark bronze. Brass and nickel. High shine metals, like polished chrome, can be difficult to coordinate with. Black or iron goes with everything.

If you are prepping your home for sale, you might want to consider just matching your sink and faucet. This no-brainer choice will please most potential home buyers.

Does My Faucet Need To Match My Appliances?

Again, no. The choice is yours.

Traditionally, designers said to match your faucet metal to your cabinet hardware, not the appliances. That was a designer rule (or at least a guideline). Today, most kitchen designers encourage homeowners to make their kitchens an extension of their personalities – unique and varied.


So when it comes to choosing kitchen appliances, here at Castle of Mine our general view is twofold:

If you’re building your forever home and not about to market your house – then anything goes when it comes to mix and matching home appliances. Just go with what you like no matter what color, brand, size or finish.


If you’re thinking of selling your home then being more conservative with matching kitchen appliances could be more sensible – and judging by what’s most popular then stainless steel could be the safe option. 🙂