How Should I Organize My Bathroom Counter? (Advice)

Organizing your bathroom counter can be one of those jobs you just don’t want to get around to, so hopefully, this article should make it easier.

A soap dispenser and neatly rolled hand towels are all you really need on your bathroom counter. Invest in a bathroom cabinet with drawers to house your toothbrushes, toothpaste, and toilet roll, and put up some simple shelves for other items such as rolled towels, shampoo, and other products.

Join me as we uncover more about decluttering your bathroom counter – and other parts of your bathroom – so it’s actually a nice room to be in and not one you’re ashamed to show guests!…

How Should I Organize My Bathroom Counter?

How Can I Organize My Vanity Without Drawers?

If you have zero vanity drawers and are sick of all your stuff filling every inch of countertop space, read on.

If you have the budget, add a storage cabinet with drawers to your bathroom. Every bathroom has a toilet – even tiny bathrooms. Over-the-toilet cabinets can add drawers, shelves, and cabinet space, come in a nice range of styles and don’t take up your tiny bathroom’s floor space. 

Another way to hide bathroom sundries is in a medicine cabinet. If you don’t have the wall space, consider an over-the-door cabinet organizer. There are lots of models out there.

For bathroom sundries that don’t need privacy, consider some open shelving. Open shelves are available in many stores and are an easy DIY project. Purchase some apothecary jars at a craft store and display all those Q-tips, cotton balls, fancy soaps, bath bombs, and even your toothbrush and toothpaste.

When the glassware gets grimy, just throw it in the dishwasher. Add rolled-up hand towels to the shelves, small woven baskets, or colorful vases. 

If your bathroom is big enough, consider adding a rolling cart to store your sundries. When you are done with it, roll it into an unused corner. If your bathroom has a shower curtain, check out the ones with giant pockets.

Here are 18 super cute ways to organize a bathroom, complete with photos.

How Do You Style a Bathroom Countertop?

Bathrooms have to be clean and functional, but they don’t have to be boring. 

Some things on your bathroom countertop are basic: one or two soap dispensers plus hand towels. Most liquid soaps come in cute plastic bottles. For a more stylish countertop, you can buy soap dispensers that match your bathroom’s style. Then, add a coordinating hand towel.

If you have a small bathroom countertop, that’s it for the basics. Just soap and a hand towel. Add a touch of color with a bud vase with a bright bloom or an interesting plant. Don’t over clutter a small countertop.

If you have a larger countertop, start with the basics. Soap dispensers should be located next to the sinks. One or two hand towels can be rolled up on the countertop or hung on the wall. 

Next, if you have more room, consider adding a pump bottle of hand lotion and a box of tissue. Add a vase with silk or real flowers or a deep green plant. Organize the lotion, tissue, vase, or plant inside a low basket, bright-colored tray or mirrored tray. If your tray is large enough, add a rolled-up hand towel.

If you still have countertop space leftover, consider displaying common toiletry items in glass jars, like apothecary jars, on the countertop. Jars filled with Q-Tips, cotton balls, and travel-sized toiletries may come in handy for your guests.

This is a great video with style tips for bathrooms – particularly tiny ones.

How Can I Hide My Products in My Bathroom?

You can hide private stuff in your bathroom in drawers, decorative boxes, in a hanging door organizer, or behind cabinet doors.

If you have a vanity with a single sink or a double sink, chances are good that your under-sink space is underutilized. It’s a space with tough dimensions, but there are many good ideas on how to use every inch of it. It’s a great place to put things that you don’t want on display.

Use a medium-size plastic drawer unit on either side of the plumbing, then install a shelf with a custom cutout for the plumbing near the top of the under-sink space.

If you don’t have a vanity, check out the over-the-toilet freestanding cabinets and the wall-mounted ones. Most have drawers and cabinets with doors. Or, mount deep baskets on the wall. 

Install a medicine cabinet. If your private stuff includes chemicals or medicines that may be harmful to dogs or children, consider installing a child-proof latch.

This article is full of interesting ways to organize a bathroom.

What Should You Keep on Bathroom Sink?

Soap! You should be sure to have antibacterial soap available for your family and your guests, one dispenser for each sink. Then, add a clean hand towel for hand drying.

Many people also like to have commonly needed items like a clean, rolled up washcloth, cotton pads, Q-Tips, a box of tissues, and a pump bottle of nice hand lotion.

How Do I Get More Counter Space in My Bathroom?

Think vertically. Find ways to stack your stuff. Hang your stuff.

Most bathrooms have dead spaces: under the sink, above the toilet, and above the door. Use the dead spaces to store stuff.

Mount floating shelves above the bathroom door. If stuff isn’t pretty, put it in an adorable basket. Mount shelves above the toilet or get a freestanding toilet cabinet. Don’t be afraid to go almost to the ceiling with your shelving. 

Get makeup off your counter by moving it under the sink. There are lots of easy-to-install pull-out shelving you can use. Or, use small plastic storage drawers. 

Go to a storage store and go through all the departments. Check out kitchen and office storage options for all your bathroom stuff. Small, clear shelving from the office storage area works great for makeup. Pull-out kitchen storage shelves work great under the sink.

Find some interesting hooks and hang your hairdryer and curling iron from linen bags. Add some coordinating bath towels.

Where Do You Put Toothpaste in a Bathroom?

Sorry, but most guests don’t want to see your toothpaste and toothbrush. Most flies, though, will love them! So: find a spot in your bathroom to keep your toothbrush and toothpaste out of sight and protected from unwanted insect visitors.

If your vanity has drawers, putting your toothbrush and toothpaste in the drawer is an excellent choice. Inexpensive organizer bins are easy to clean up in the top rack of your dishwasher. 

How Do You Organize Combs and Brushes?

In times gone past, a silver-backed brush and matching comb were displayed proudly. These days, combs and brushes may be better off in a drawer. 

A vanity drawer is a great place to store combs and brushes. Organize your drawers with inexpensive plastic baskets or bins. There are lots out there. When they get dirty, just load them in the dishwasher.

Another popular way to organize combs and brushes is an over-the-door organizer. An over-the-door shoe rack works well for combs, brushes, hairdryers, and curling irons. Or, get a large fabric cubby and cut it up to fit the inside of your vanity door.

You can also search for heat-resistant caddies that are designed to hold hot irons, hairdryers, and brushes, and combs. The caddies can fit under your sink.

Bathroom counter and vanity

How Do You Organize Linens?

Organizing experts recommend that you have two of everything per family member and guest. The idea is that if one set needs to be washed, you’ll always have a spare to use. If you have a large family, that’s a lot of towels.

Most experts say to create neat stacks of like towels – hand towels together, washcloths together, bath towels together. Whites together, blues together.

How Do You Store a Bathroom Towel Without a Closet?

Roll it up or fold it nicely on a floating shelf.

Rolling up towels is an impressively easy and adorable solution. If you have plenty of shelving space, coordinating towels can add pops of color and texture.

Stack them in a pyramid. Alternate colors. Rolling and stacking your towels is a great way to store them and decorate your bathroom too.


There’s so much you can do to organize your bathroom counter – even if you’ve got a small bathroom – so that you, friends, family, and guests will feel at home in a well-thought-out and clean space.

Organizing stuff is just a process at the end of the day, so if you make the most of storage cabinets, drawers, and shelving – then your bathroom counter can just house the essentials and needn’t become cluttered at all.

Right, that’s enough from me – I’m off to declutter my bathroom counter. It’s well overdue! 🙂