Is Prepac a Good Furniture Brand? (Quick Read)

Want to find out more about the Prepac furniture brand (like we did when furnishing our home renovation)? Then this article should help.

Prepac was founded in Canada in 1979, and the firm still has its HQ in British Columbia. The company spread south into the US, and in 2021 they opened a large manufacturing facility in North Carolina. Reviewers give their popular storage products 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Join me as I answer all your popular questions about the Prepac brand, its products, and company history…

Is Prepac a Good Furniture Brand?

Where is PrePac Furniture Made?

Famous furniture brand Prepac first began in Canada in 1979, and the firm still has its HQ in British Columbia. The company spread south into the US, and just back in 2021, they opened a large manufacturing facility in North Carolina.

Who Makes PrePac Furniture?

Prepac remains a major Canadian brand; however in 2019, the company was acquired by Torquest Partners, an investment company headquartered in Great Lakes. 

Prepac still uses its original branding, and the customer at least sees very little difference since the acquisition. Founder Steve Simpson remains on the board.

What Products Are in The PrePac Furniture Range?

If you use it, Prepac makes it. They sell every type of home and office furniture you can think of, and are renowned for their storage solutions (because let’s face it, everyone loves good storage!). 

Since the early 1980s, Prepac (as the name suggests) has specialized in ready-to-assemble furniture. This helped to make stylish furniture more accessible to more people, and of course cut down on delivery costs and logistics.

If you go onto the Prepac website, you can search Prepac furniture by room. Nothing is missed, and their hallway furniture in particular is innovative where it comes to space saving and handy storage. 

With the recent rise in working from home, Prepac’s home office solutions are especially useful, from computer desks to shelving. You could easily kit out your entire bedroom or home office just using Prepac products.

Is PrePac Furniture Good Quality?

We’ll take a look at customer reviews for Prepac in a minute; however, a quick glance at the customer comments on various retail websites shows that Prepac is generally regarded as a good quality brand, which is no mean feat for a ready-to-assemble brand.

Of course, a RTA nightstand or desk will never be of the same quality as a handmade equivalent, lovingly put together by an expert craftsman. However, for a convenient, stylish piece of furniture at a reasonable price point, Prepac does well.

Does PrePac Furniture Come With a Warranty?

Prepac states that its furniture comes with a 5-year warranty against product defects. Naturally, because the customer has to put together most Prepac items themselves, there’s small print about assembly and installation. 

Take a look at Prepac’s warranty on the company website to find out more about what is and what isn’t covered.

What Do Real Reviews Say About PrePac Furniture?

To find out what customers think about their Prepac furniture, we headed over to Amazon, and read some of the reviews. We took a look at a typical Prepac piece (modern home storage), a shoe storage unit that holds up to 36 pairs of shoes in little cubby shelves.

The unit has over 3,000 ratings, and scores 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars. So, that’s a pretty positive outcome. However, what do the online customer reviews say? 

Customers like the quality, using words like heavy, sturdy, and precise. They also appreciate how easy it was to assemble (the fact that it took two people in many cases seems to be a plus, with sturdiness outweighing effort here). Importantly, people also like the look of the assembled unit.

What about less positive reviews? Well, one person’s “easy to assemble” is another person’s DIY nightmare! So, mixed reviews for assembly here. Also, some reviewers commented that the cubbies were a bit on the small side for some shoe designs – it’s no good for boots that are higher than high-top sneakers, for example.

Another popular Prepac item on Amazon is the Full Mate’s Platform Storage Bed, which boasts six drawers (they really do love their storage at Prepac). This scores four out of five stars over 5,800 reviews.

The biggest concern with this bed is longevity, with some customers saying that the condition deteriorated over time. Others advised popping down to a home store like Home Depot and buying some corner brackets and wood glue to help assemble the bed, to make sure the finished piece is extra-strong.

However, those after discreet and spacious bedroom storage absolutely loved it, and there are also positive comments about the price of the bed (currently under $400 on Amazon).

Prepac furniture assembly

How Much Does PrePac Furniture Cost?

Prepac aims to supply affordable furniture to a broad customer base, and while they’re not the cheapest RTA brand around, they’re certainly competitive.

For example, the bed we looked at earlier is just around $400, which is a pretty good price for a bed with storage. The shoe cabinet is a bargain at just $180.

The cheapest items are things like DVD storage units and small nightstands, which can start at around $80. A large wardrobe unit for your bedroom can cost around $1,200, but for that, you’re getting a lot of storage space.

Perpac also has some higher-end lines, made from solid wood. For example, Prepac currently has a shelved headboard at Wayfair that’s made from solid wood and costs over $300 (when not in the Wayfair sale). So, you can upgrade your Prepac if you want something a bit more luxe.

Is PrePac Furniture Easy To Put Together?

This is the big question for any ready-to-assemble brand: is Prepac furniture easy to put together. Anecdotally, reading Amazon reviews, yes it is easy on the whole. If you are one of the many people who really don’t like RTA projects, you’d probably disagree.

It’s also worth returning to the bed we mentioned earlier. If you don’t have any DIY skills, you might struggle to add the corner brackets that strengthen the frame, which some reviewers recommended. 

There are plenty of short films around (including some by Prepac) showing how to assemble certain products. Watching a short YouTube film can be easier than reading instructions, so it’s definitely worth checking these out before you get going.

Never bought Prepac before? Take a look at this short film by Prepac about what to expect when you buy a Prepac product.

Our general advice? Read the instructions, watch a short film if possible, and make sure there are at least two adults on hand to assemble your furniture. Possibly a third, to bring drinks and snacks…

How about caring for your Prepac furniture? On the company’s website, Prepac recommends regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth, followed by drying with a second soft cloth.

They should cope with a minor spillage provided it’s wiped up; however, Prepac furniture isn’t designed to be waterproof and isn’t suitable for humid environments or outdoor use.

Because most of their products have a laminate finish, they can’t be painted or varnished, so aren’t the best candidates for a custom furniture project. 

Summary: Where Can I Purchase PrePac Furniture?

Prepac is a big brand in the US and Canada, so it’s easy to get hold of. We’ve already mentioned Amazon and Wayfair as stockists of Prepac furniture, and you can also buy it from Target, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.

If you want to see a more complete list of Prepac stockists, head over to their website to find out where else sells Prepac online in both the States and Prepac’s home, Canada.